IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. original series: “Gut Check:  Multiracial In America”’s original series, “Gut Check: Multiracial In America” ( examines the growth in the number of Americans living in multiracial families and the first-hand experiences and issues they face.’s interactive Gut Check America project revolves around readers, giving them a forum to discuss the topics most important to them, explain how these issues affect their daily lives, and offer potential solutions. engaged readers in the re-emerging national conversation on race, and received an overwhelming response through photos and stories which demonstrated that multiracial Americans offered unique perspectives on the topic.

The “Gut Check:  Multiracial In America” series includes the following stories and interactive features:

·         Mike Stuckey, senior news editor at, looks at how the Obama candidacy has generated renewed interest in multiracial Americans and what their experience

tells us about the state of race relations in America. A central character in the piece is a man who describes himself as “Nooksack, Chinese, French and Scottish” and who

touched off a vigorous discussion on YouTube about what it means to be multiracial.  “Multiracial Americans surge in numbers, voice”:

·         Kari Huus, senior writer at, reveals the journey of a biracial woman who has an interesting tale of growing up in Detroit. “Being Brown in a city of black and


·         Video gallery featuring six different multiracial families who shared their stories with

·         A state-by-state map, using the most recent Census data, to provide a detailed look at the distribution of various ethnic and racial groups across the U.S.

·         A timeline of racial milestones in U.S. history, created by the American Anthropological Association.

At, consumers can read more and also access Newsvine, a leading social media site that enables group commenting, where they can add their voices to the conversation on race.