Handcuffed man hit by 2 trains in New York

/ Source: The Associated Press

A handcuffed man was hit by two trains on a commuter rail line Wednesday morning and his body lay for hours beneath the second, officials said.

Metro-North railroad spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said it was not known whether the man was killed by the trains or was dead before he was hit northeast of New York City. Both suicide and homicide were being considered as police and prosecutors went to the scene just north of the Mount Vernon West station.

The victim's name was not made public, but officials said that based on items recovered from his pockets, he was a 37-year-old man from the Bronx. He was shackled with metal handcuffs, Anders said.

The body was spotted at 6:50 a.m. on the northbound tracks by the crew of the second train, which had no passengers. Anders said the train did not have time to stop before five cars ran over the body.

She said evidence found on the previous train that went through the station showed that it too had struck the man, with the crew apparently unaware.

The body was under the stopped train for more than three hours, blocked from the sight of commuters on the platform by a yellow tarp. Other trains were able to use another track and service interruptions were minimal, Anders said.