Good Samaritan bicyclist returns money bag

/ Source: The Associated Press

Bill Vint Jr. did the right thing when he found a money bag filled with $450 in cash and checks. He returned it to a pizza parlor. Vint was bicycling Friday when he passed something on the road that resembled a bank deposit bag.

"I almost didn't turn around," Vint said.

He unzipped the money bag expecting to find nothing, but it was anything but empty.

Studying a receipt, Vint alerted Chris Dunning, manager of 5 Buck Pizza in Cedar City. He arranged to meet up with Dunning's wife to return the money.

Dunning said he hadn't realized the money was missing. Earlier that morning, he wrapped the bag inside a sweat shirt and said it must have slipped out.

"I was amazed that someone would go to that kind of trouble to return cash found in the street," Dunning said.

Vint said his mother always told him not to keep anything that wasn't his.

Vint builds pools for a living, and this year has been tough. He's helped install only five pools this year, down from 30 in each of the past two years.