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Library lets late fees fly for Hudson pilot

A library in Danville, Calif. is waiving all late fees and dedicating a book to  Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who left a check-out book in the cargo hold of the plane that splash-landed in the Hudson River last month.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Fresno library to pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger: You're forgiven.

The US Airways pilot splash-landed his jetliner in the Hudson River on Jan. 15, and everyone on board escaped safely. But left in the cargo hold was a book Sullenberger had checked out from California State University, Fresno, through his local library near Danville.

Library officials say Sullenberger asked for an extension and waiver of overdue fees. The pilot and his spokeswoman didn't return messages seeking comment Monday.

The librarians say they were struck by Sullenberger's sense of responsibility and did him one better: They're waiving all fees, even lost book fees, and placing a template in the replacement book dedicating it to him.

The book's subject? Professional ethics.