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Basic requirements for video being flipped to

Overview: How to prepare a finished video piece for the website. This will give you a quick rundown of the basic requirements for content structure, audio levels, chyrons, etc. Start here, then move on to the more detailed documents that follow.

Before exporting (“Flipping”) or transmitting any finished video piece for, please make sure it meets the following basic requirements:

  1. There should be NO pre- or post-roll material (slates, bars, black, etc.)
    Frame 1 should be 1st frame of content
  2. Subjects should be chyroned if needed
    See full chryon spec here
  3. Audio should be mono mixed, with average speech hitting around -14 dBFS and peaks never exceeding -8 dBFS
    See full audio spec here
  4. There must be at least 1 audio track. This is a technical quirk of our transcoder. For the rare need to publish silent video, include a silent audio track in your export.
  5. EVERY video piece MUST be accompanied by a representative still image, which will act as the thumbnail visual tease for the video on the site. This is typically a tight, compelling frame you select from your timeline and export as a .bmp.
    See export setup for stills from Avid here
  6. Exported filenames, for both your video file and its accompanying still image, MUST be named according to our Filenaming spec (Consult your counterpart if you have any questions on this)
    See full filenaming spec here

Additionally, if you're in 30 Rock, London, DC or Burbank, and exporting a QTR from an Avid to our Flip Factory:

  1. All media elements must exist on your ISIS or Unity drive, not on the local Avid client drives.
  2. There can be no gaps or filler in the Video track of your timeline, instead use a video-black clip, black title tool piece or a black image file to create your desired effect.
  3. Doing both a video and audio mixdown before exporting is highly recommended
    If you're having trouble flipping and haven't mixed down, please do so as your first step of troubleshooting.

Step-by-step instructions, how to Flip video to .com, by location: