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American Cemetery Omaha Beach  October 2008
American Cemetery Omaha Beach October 2008Submitted by Jack Green / UGC

April 17

Congratulations to Jack Green of Spokane, Wash., who submitted the top-rated image in this week’s It’s A Snap travel photo contest.

Green captured the photo at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France during a nearly 2-week vacation last October. Green and his companions traveled through Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria, and focused on visiting World War II sites.

“I took 650 pictures in 10 days,” he said.

Green said he was touched by the American Cemetery, starting from when he first arrived. “The way it’s laid out … as you walk toward [the cemetery] you have to walk overlooking the beach. Then you enter a field of stone.”

“We didn’t speak for about an hour,” he added. “It was pretty humbling.”

Green said his time in Europe was “the trip of a lifetime,” and suggests everybody visit at some point.

“I’ve never felt prouder about America after that. I realized what those guys sacrificed.”