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Filename requirements for video being flipped to

Proper filenaming is crucial for all finished video files being Flipped or transmitted to us for use on Please follow these filename guidelines carefully when sending or exporting. (Consult your counterpart if you have any questions on this)

Basic filename formula:

Begin with this IF the piece did NOT air in a broadcast - aka "web extra". If the piece IS from broadcast air, simply leave this whole block out of your filename and begin with {show}.
30 Rock = x_30
DC = x_dc
Burbank = x_bur
London = x_lon
Not in one of above bureaus = x

TODAY = tdy
Nightly = nn
Meet the Press = mtp
Dateline = dtl
MS Dayside = n
Countdown = n_countdown
Maddow = n_maddow
Way Too Early = n_geist
Morning Joe = n_mj
Hardball = n_hardball
The Ed Show = n_ed
Your Business = n_yb
Doc Block = n_docs
iCue = icue
Not one of the shows above? Leave {show} out.

A short descriptive word (or two, but with no spaces) that helps identify the piece by its content.

yymmdd (date):
The current date in the yymmdd format, e.g. April 22, 2009 is 090422

The filetype extension for the file you've generated. Typically you will send a video file with an extension like ".mov" and a corresponding still frame with a ".bmp" extension.

*** NOTE – filenames should be lower case only and contain no spaces (use underscores between blocks instead), and contain no other special characters (use only letters, numbers and underscores).

A web extra video about Saipan for NN, flipped at 30 Rock, on April 23, 2009 = & x_30_nn_saipan_090423.bmp

An extended edit of an interview with President Obama, to go on the site alongside the TODAY broadcast piece(s) that used some of the interview, flipped in DC, on December 4, 2008 = & x_dc_tdy_obama_081204.bmp

A non-broadcast package edited in London, pitched to and approved by the website but not a specific show, about Prince Harry, on 30 January, 2009 = & x_lon_princeharry_090130.bmp

A segment from Morning Joe broadcast air with Chuck Todd talking about the CIA, flipped in New York, on 4/21/09 = & n_mj_toddcia_090421.bmp

If you're editing one of our podcasts, many of the above rules do not apply. Check with us for specific guidance.