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Man shoves officer to join brother in jail

After asking if he could join his brother in jail if he assaulted  a policeman, a man gets his wish by shoving the officer.
/ Source: The Associated Press

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — An Alaska man shoved a police officer just so he could join his brother in jail.

Thirty-five-year-old David Jacob Ginnis pleaded guilty Wednesday to assault on a police officer and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, with the full sentence suspended.

Ginnis' brother was accused of getting into a fight on Monday night in Fairbanks and was arrested on a criminal trespass charge.

Police say Ginnis, who appeared intoxicated, approached the arresting officer and asked if he could speak with his brother, who was in the back of a patrol car.

Officer's warning
After five minutes, Ginnis asked if he could join his brother in jail if he assaulted the officer.

The officer told him that would "not go well" for him, but Ginnis shoved the officer with his fist.