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Submitted by Mark Davis / UGC

May 8

Congratulations to Mark Davis of Corbin, Ky., who submitted the top-rated image in this week’s It’s A Snap travel photo contest.

The Kentucky resident was visiting a friend in Virginia Beach, Va., last month. “I wanted to get a sunrise so we got up real early one morning,” he said. He set out with his tripod, Canon EOS Rebel and “had it all set up” before the sun came up.

While Davis has been taking photos for the past couple years, he said, “this was my first sunrise.” Normally, the accomplished amateur sticks to moving water.

Davis became a serious photographer after seeing images taken by his friends. “With these digital SLRs, you’ve got so much control over what you can do,” he said.

Since he snapped the sunrise shot, Davis retired his Rebel and has moved on to a more powerful Nikon.

But the Canon won’t sit around gathering dust. He gave it to one of the friends that first sparked his interest in the hobby.

“It seemed like the right thing to do.”