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Rod Nordland

A collection of on-the-ground reports from Basra, Baghdad and the terrifying road between

Trapped in Southern Iraq

On a day that saw at least 20 American soldiers missing or killed, NEWSWEEK’s Rod Nordland found hostile Iraqis and a vulnerable supply line as he tried to follow the U.S.-led advance to Baghdad

The Limits of Journalism

Yesterday, our correspondent filed a report about the danger of Iraqi ambushes on the roads around Basra. Things only got worse from there. An update

Analysis: Not What America Expected

The first week of war has challenged U.S. military assumptions about the Iraqis. In spite of an impressive advance, much could still go wrong

‘We’re Fighting Two Wars Here’

The fearsome Fedayeen have many U.S. and British troops looking over their shoulders as they advance toward Baghdad

The Long Reach of Saddam

Even in Umm Qasr, now firmly under British and American control, terror is still the order of the day

The Lessons of Basra

British and American forces have had a taste of urban warfare in Iraq’s second city

The ‘Abu Earless’ Brigade

Saddam Hussein’s ear-amputation campaign went on for three days, May 17-19, 1994, in every city in Iraq. Some of the estimated 3,500 men who lost their ears are now telling their stories. The first in a new series, Saddam’s Victims

Saddam’s Victims: A Child Waits to Die

In any other country, this 13-year-old’s leukemia could be treated

The Last Epitaph

Yassim Mohammed Yassim may have been Saddam Hussein’s final victim. His family dug up a trash pit in a grisly search for closure

War Without End

The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are far from over. But Bush clearly now wants to shift national attention to domestic issues

‘Nothing Easy About This’

U.S. ground forces commander Lt. Gen David McKiernan discusses the military situation and the hunt for unconventional weapons in Iraq

Committee of the Missing

One local institution in Baghdad is up and running, documenting thousands of dead, and giving some small comfort to the living. It’s serious work, by serious men

Of Hotheads and Dead Horses

Keeping the peace in the scorching heat of Baghdad is a challenge—not so much of arms, but of patience

1,001 Iraqi Jokes

Under Saddam Hussein’s rule, loose lips led to lost tongues. Now the Iraqis are having the last laugh

Deadly Hot

Since American and British troops began rounding up Saddam loyalists mid-month, saboteurs and assassins have decimated Baghdad’s electrical supply. Soldiers, meanwhile, are dying at an alarming rate