The Layoff List

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The torrid pace of layoff announcements that followed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks eased up in the first months of 2002 as the economy showed signs of coming out of recession. But the news was still not good for a large number of workers. In the first days of March, Verizon, the country’s biggest local phone company said it planned to layoff 10,000 employees. Below is a list of some of the layoffs reported thus far this month.

LeCroy Corp. — 40 jobs: The maker of high-performance digital oscilloscopes used in the design of electronics and computers said it will cut 9 percent of its work force. (April 1, 02)

Compuware Corp. — undisclosed number of jobs: The software and professional services company did not disclose how many jobs would be cut but said that the restructuring plan should be “substantially completed” by the end of the month in North America. Compuware employs more than 12,000 people overall, including 7,500 professional services employees, and has 110 offices in 47 countries. (April 1, 02)

Toray Industries — 2,000 jobs: The Japanese maker of synthetic textiles said it will cut about 9 percent of its domestic work force. (April 1, 02)

American Power Conversion — 1,050 jobs: The manufacturer of backup power sources for computers, surge protectors and computer cables said it is laying off 17 percent of its work force. Since the beginning of 2001, the company has eliminated about 2,100 jobs - including this latest round - bringing its total work force to 5,200 worldwide. (March 29, 02)

PentaStar Communications Inc. - all jobs: The company said it had laid off or furloughed all its workers following a legal action by creditors. (March 29, 02)

Federated — 3,300 jobs: Federated Department Stores said it will explore the sale of Fingerhut’s assets immediately and lay off 3,300 workers by April 5. (March 28, 02)

Noranda Inc. s— 300 jobs: The Canadian metals company said it was closing a plant and laying off 300 employees. (March 28, 02) .

Arthur Andersen — undisclosed number of jobs: The embattled accounting firm said it would layoff an undisclosed number of employees as it loses clients and faces criminal charges over its handling of Enron Corp.’s audits. (March 28, 02)

GSI Lumonics Inc. — 50 to 60 jobs: The maker of laser-based manufacturing systems said it ill cut 50 to 60 jobs at its operations in Kanata, Ontario. (March 27, 02)

Domtar Inc. — 335 jobs: The world’s fourth largest producer of free sheet paper said it will layoff 335 workers. (March 27, 02)

Provant Inc. — 36 jobs: The corporate training services firm said it cut about 25 percent of the work force. (March 27, 02)

Sampo — 739 jobs: The Finnish bancassurance group said it would cut 739 jobs this year. (March 27, 02)

Oxygen Media — 20 jobs: The Internet and cable television company aimed at women said it laid off 20 employees. (March 26, 02)

American Superconductor Corp. — 100 jobs: The Massachusetts-based company said it is cutting a quarter of its work force. (March 26, 02)

Ciena Corp. — 650 jobs: The optical networking company said it will cut another 22 percent of its total work force. Last month, Ciena cut 400 jobs. (March 26, 02)

Shell — 1,200 jobs: The Anglo-Dutch oil company’s purchase of Pennzoil-Quaker State Co. will cost about 1,200 U.S. workers their jobs. (March 26, 02)

Playtex Products Inc. — 160 jobs: The company said it will close its plastic molding facility in Watervliet, N.Y., by the end of the year, resulting in the loss of 160 jobs. (March 25, 02)

ABN AMRO — 550 jobs: The Netherlands’ biggest bank said it was cutting the trading, research and back-office jobs at a cost of $180.3 million. (March 25, 02)

Consignia — up to 15,000 jobs: Britain’s former postal monopoly said it would shed up to 15,000 jobs over three years in the first round of a cost-cutting drive. The loss-making firm has already signalled that up to 30,000 jobs could eventually go from its 200,000-strong work force. (March 25, 02)

BP Plc, — 500 jobs: Oil giant BP, Britain’s most profitable firm in 2001, said it is eliminating 500 jobs from its North Sea operations. (March 22, 02)

Whirlpool Corp. - 500 jobs: The appliance maker said it will close a Quebec plant and transfer production to facilities in Mississippi and Oklahoma in 2004. It employs about 500 people. (March 21, 02)

Janus Capital Corp. - 1,619 jobs: The Denver-based mutual fund company eliminated more than 550 jobs through attrition on top of 1,069 layoffs in the past year. Its year-end employment was 1,450, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. (March 21, 02)

Acterna Corp. - 400 jobs: The financially struggling telecommunications-equipment firm said it will cut 400 jobs. (March 20, 02)

Herman Miller - 600 jobs: The office furniture maker said it will close a Holland plant and lay off 600 employees. (March 20, 02)

EMI —1,800 jobs: The British music giant said it was cutting 1,800 employees. (March 20, 02)

CheckFree Corp. - 450 jobs: The electronic payment services for, said it will consolidate some operations and eliminate 13 percent of its work force, by this summer. (March 20, 02)

Walt Disney Feature Animation — 250 jobs: The entertainment firm said it will layoff 18.5 percent of the division’s work force over the next 12 months. (March 19, 02)

ING Groep NV — 580 jobs: The Dutch financial services said it planned to eliminate 580 jobs. (March 19, 02)

Kraft Foods - 7,500 jobs: The food company said its continuing integration of Nabisco Holdings Corp. will result in the closure of 16 plants worldwide and the loss of 7,500 jobs. (March 15, 02)

Miramax — 75 jobs: The movie studio laidoff about 15 percent of its work force. (March 15, 02)

Nortel Networks - 350 jobs: The Canadian telecommunications equipment giant said it is chopping up to 350 jobs from three of its British plants. A spokesman said the cuts followed Nortel’s decision, announced last year, to reduce its global work force from 94,500 to 48,000. (March 15, 02)

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. — 40 jobs: The media company said it would lay off 40 people from its money-losing Internet and direct commerce division. (March 15, 02)

Cinergy Corp. - 280 jobs: The energy company said it is offering a voluntary early retirement program to about 280 employees, in order to cut costs. (March 15, 02)

Metawave Communications - 96 jobs: The wireless antenna maker said it will cut its work force by 42 percent Corp. on Thursday said it will cut its work force by 42 percent. (March 14, 02)

New Focus Inc - 33 percent of its jobs: The supplier of chip-making equipment said it would cut its workforce by more than a third. New Focus said its total headcount will drop to 390 people at the end of 2002 from 900 at the end of 2001. (March 14, 02)

Bull - 1,500 jobs: The French computer company said it would lay off 1,500 more employees. (March 14, 02)

Lycos Europe - 200 jobs: The Web company said it was laying off 200 employees. (March 14, 02).

Credit Suisse Group — undisclosed number of jobs: The bank said it plans to trim jobs in both its major divisions. CSFB already cut around 2,500 jobs in the final four months of 2001 bringing the level to 25,152 at the end of December. (March 12, 02)

Carrier Corp. - 2,000 jobs: The heating and air conditioning manufacturer said it will close a plant in Tennessee, eliminating 2,000 jobs by the end of the year. (March 11, 02)

Avaya Inc. - 1,900 jobs: The communications equipment maker said it will cut more than 8 percent of its work force of 23,000. The company cut 5,000 jobs last year, primarily through early retirement packages. (March 11, 02)

Vector Group Ltd. - undisclosed number of jobs: The cigarette maker said it will eliminate jobs, though it did not say how many. (March 11, 02)

Celcom Bhd - undisclosed number of jobs: Malaysia’s second-largest mobile network provider said it is cutting its work force to boost revenue and performance. It did not say how many of its 4,000 employees will be involved. (March 11, 02)

Kmart — 22,000 jobs: Kmart Corp. will close 284 stores in 40 states and Puerto Rico, cutting about 22,000 jobs, as part of its restructuring under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the company announced Friday. (March 8)

Global Crossing Ltd. - 1,600 jobs: The high-speed communications network operator which filed for bankruptcy in January, said it will layoff 1,600 more jobs. The company’s work force will be cut from a high of about 15,000 employees at the beginning of 2001 to fewer than 6,000 employees by the end of March when it completes a previously announced voluntary buyout and the new layoffs. (March 8, 02)

Williams Cos. - 450 jobs: The energy trading and pipeline company said it would cut 4 percent of its work force as part of a previously announced reduction in annual costs. (March 8, 02)

SBC Communications — 7,500 jobs: SBC Communications Inc. said it has cut 7,500 positions since October and more jobs will be eliminated in coming months. (March 7)

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co - 1,000 jobs: The company, the world’s biggest port operator, said it was cutting 1,000 jobs at its P&O Nedlloyd shipping joint venture. (March 7, 02)

Canon Inc. - 450 jobs: The company said it plans to shut down its inkjet printer plant in Tijuana, Mexico and a support office in California, putting 450 people out of work. Canon eliminated 350 jobs last year, including a 200-employee layoff in December. (March 7, 02)

Procter & Gamble Co. —750 jobs: The company said it was laying off 750 employees in its Clairol division, or nearly half of the unit’s global manufacturing work force. Procter & Gamble acquired Clairol in November. In January, the company announced it would cut 1,440 non-manufacturing jobs. (March 6, 02)

Novar Plc - 2,100 jobs: The British diversified building materials company doubled the number of jobs it was cutting to 2. (March 6, 02)

Coats Plc - undisclosed number of jobs: The British textiles firm said it would close more U.S. and European factories, adding “we clearly will be employing fewer people in Europe and the United States.” The company employs 37,000 people worldwide. (March 6, 02)

General Motors Corp. - 3,400 jobs: The automaker said it accelerated the pace of its planned job cuts to a total of up to 3,400 in Germany this year, up from about 2,500 announced late last year. (March 5, 02)

Deere & Co. - 200 jobs: The agricultural machinery giant said it will close a, eliminating about 200 jobs within nine months. (March 5, 02)

Waukesha Electric Systems - 70 jobs: The manufacturer of power transformers said it has cut 5 percent of its work force, and may announce more layoffs. (March 5, 02)

Charter Plc - 500 jobs: The British engineering group said it shed 550 jobs last year and will eliminate another 100 this year. (March 5, 02)

Waste Management Inc. — 2,000 jobs: The Houston-based company said it will layoff about 3.5 percent of its 57,000 employees. (March 5, 02)

Verizon Communications — 10,000 jobs: The nation’s largest local phone company said it was laying off another 4 percent of its work force. The company eliminated 29,000 jobs last year. At the end of last year, Verizon had 247,000 employees. (March 4, 02)

MeadWestvaco Corp. - 425 jobs: The paper manufacturer said it plans to shut down three paper-making machines in Ohio, resulting in the loss of 350 jobs. The Stamford, Conn.-based company also announced it will cut 75 jobs when it shuts down a paper-making machine at its mill in Luke, Md. (March 4, 02)

Avanzit — 2,090 jobs: The Spanish telecoms, media and technology firm said it will cut 2,090 of its 5,226 workers. (March 4, 02)

Pillowtex Corp. — 1,000 jobs: The company plans to cut nearly 1,000 jobs as it closes a towel manufacturing plant in Georgia and scales back operations at an Alabama mill. Pillowtex disclosed the cutbacks as a federal court in Delaware approved its plan to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings. (March 1, 02)

Ruddick — 98 jobs: The industrial thread manufacturer said it will consolidate its threadmaking operations, cutting 98 jobs, and will take a charge to account for the layoffs. Charlotte-based Ruddick, which also operates a chain of grocery stores, said it would consolidate operations between two of the plants in its American & Efird thread subsidiary. (March 1, 02)

Westell — 200 jobs: The telecommunications equipment firm warned it would miss analysts’ revenue and loss estimates for the fourth quarter and said it plans to cut about 200 jobs, or 17 percent of its work force. (March 1, 02)

PerkinElmer Inc. — 500 jobs: scientific instruments maker lowered its earnings forecasts and said it would cut 500 jobs and reorganize its optoelectronics unit. The reorganization is a response to lower volumes in the telecommunications; semiconductors; and photography industries, the company said, and will result in a restructuring charge against first quarter 2002 earnings. (March 1, 02)

Schroders Plc — 20 percent of jobs: The British investment firm said it would slash 20 percent of its jobs by 2003 after reporting a collapse in profits on falling markets and outflows of client funds. (March 1, 02)