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Wild Horses on the Gower Pennisula in Wales UK,
Wild Horses on the Gower Pennisula in Wales UK,Submitted by Lenny Arnoth

May 15

Congratulations to Lenny Arnoth of Santee, Calif., who submitted this week's It’s A Snap top-rated image of wild horses on the Gower Peninsula, in Wales, United Kingdom.

While visiting his Welsh relatives in spring 2004, Arnoth and his wife stopped the car in the Gower Peninsula to get a photo of a horse and colt grazing in a field far in the distance.

“I was going to step out of the car and snap a photo with my telephoto lens when, suddenly, they came walking up near the car. The little colt’s legs were quivering,” said Arnoth. “Gower is a beautiful, magical place. The mother horse looked like she should be a unicorn.”

Arnoth says the Gower Peninsula has miles of wild grazing area, interesting scenery and wildlife, including sheep that appear to fall right off the steep cliffs.

“It’s a small town”, says Arnoth. “It’s like going back to the 1950s. “While in the pub with some of my cousins, turns out, I’m related to a third of the town.”