SARS death toll rises in Canada

/ Source: The Associated Press

A 44-year-old SARS patient died Monday, becoming the 43rd person in Canada’s largest city to die from the pneumonia-like illness.

Nine people remain hospitalized with severe acute respiratory syndrome in Toronto, where almost 250 cases were recorded in two outbreaks earlier this year.

The city’s last SARS-related death was July 19.

SARS emerged in November in Guangdong province in southern China. It killed more than 800 people worldwide, most of them in Asia, before subsiding last month, according to the World Health Organization.

Toronto had the biggest outbreak outside of Asia. WHO removed the city from its list of SARS-infected areas on July 2, saying the city had contained the outbreak.

Fear of the illness caused major economic damage to the tourism industry in Toronto and southern Ontario, with hotels, airlines and restaurants reporting decreased business.