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Larry Kenney

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Larry Kenney, is the man behind many of the voices you hear on the Imus program. On any given day you will hear what sounds like General Patton or Andy Rooney, but in reality, it is the comic genius of Larry Kenney.

Larry was born in Pekin, Illinois on August 5th 1947, which makes him about 36(According to him). He is married to Carol Kenney, whom he refers to as “Mrs. Kenney Du Jour”. His eldest daughter Kerri Kenney (27) is the star of Comedy Central’s “Viva Variety” and lead singer of the alternative Rock band “Cake-Like.” His youngest daughter Ashley Kenney (13) is a horsewoman, artist, typical teen-age rebel. His son Tanner Kenney (9) is a soccer player, drummer, and heir to the throne.

Larry began his career (such as it is,) in radio in 1963, at the age of 15, as a Disc Jockey at WIRL, Peoria, Illinois. He subsequently worked at:

WOWO, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
WHN, New York
WKYC, Cleveland
WYNY, New York
WJJD, Chicago
WKHK, New York

He has been a cast member of “Imus in the Morning” for 24 years (since 1973,) portraying:

Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Paul Lynde,Walter Cronkite, Howard Cosell, Edward Kennedy, David Brinkley, Henry Kissinger, George Patton, Paul Harvey, Jim (from “Taxi”), Ross Perot  and various others.

Larry’s television career has consisted of being the host of “Bowling For Dollars” on WOR-TV, New York, 1976-79 and providing the voices for various characters on the following cartoons: Thundercats, Silverhawks, Karate Kat, and Tigersharks. Larry has also been the voice of thousands of Radio and TV commercials, but hasn’t ever been asked to appear “on-camera.” Hmmm.... wonder why? For nearly 20 years Larry has provided the voices of “Count Chocula” and “Sonny, the Coco-Puffs Coo-Coo Bird.”