Frasier on ‘Buchanan and Press’

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Kelsey Grammer, star of NBC’s “Frasier” talks to “Buchanan and Press” about politics and Hollywood, and what he really thinks of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for California governor. Scroll below and read what he said about being a Republican in Hollywood.

BILL PRESS, CO-HOST, BUCHANAN AND PRESS: How do you survive in Hollywood as a Republican and why?

KELSEY GRAMMER, NBC’S ‘FRASIER’: Well, you know you’d never blackball anybody in Hollywood, would you? (Laughter) There are several reasons that I am comfortable as a Republican. The chief one is within that thinking I think the sanctity of the individual is more respected, but Bill you’d probably disagree with me on that. That is what keeps me in that fold.

PRESS: I was amused when you said that as a Republican in Hollywood you feel very isolated and very lonely— it is sort of like being a liberal in the media these days. Kelsey- maybe we can relate to that.

GRAMMER: You poor thing. I’d feel for you but my arms are not long enough. (laughter)

PAT BUCHANAN, CO-HOST, BUCHANAN AND PRESS: In the old days, clearly Hollywood has always had a real liberal tilt. I know great actors and great men like Gregory Peck... and frankly I used to love Newman and Redford, and clearly they were on the democratic liberal side. But lately— there seems to be a culture of contempt for middle America and its present leader George W. Bush, when you see folks like Johnny Depp saying what they say and Sean Penn going off to Baghdad. Is there something different about Hollywood now that you get Hollywood figures who say I am going to leave the country if that guy is elected?

GRAMMER: Most of them are still here. I think Johnny already lived in France. I have a saying for it, in order to make statements such as the ones you have mentioned, I think “It takes the sublime combination of ignorance and arrogance.” That’s where I stand on that.

BUCHANAN: I heard what you have said about Michael Moore. When he got up there- I know Michael Moore and I said, “here it comes!” This guy is not going to lose his chance or his audience to cut loose. I thought Steve Martin was marvelous when he came back with that comment how they are congratulating him back there and a couple of Teamsters are helping him get into the trunk of his limousine. What was your reaction?

GRAMMER: That was a very funny moment. But frankly, I was not watching.

PRESS: We see this marriage now of Hollywood and politics in the candidacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the recall, so are you on board the Schwarzenegger band wagon and where is it heading?

GRAMMER: Well, I have not been very thrilled with Mr. Davis, or Governor Davis. And so my mind is open to the idea of Arnold’s candidacy. But I have spoken to him several times in the past, I saw him rallying for the initiative he started in the last election about after-school programs. He was very eloquent and very impressive. I do not think it’s a horrible idea but we’ll see. That remains to be seen. I am not really an advocate.

PRESS: With all the stories about Arnold and his wild past and then he goes on Howard Stern show...which is also known for its wild stuff— and gets Howard Stern’s endorsement. This is the kind of campaign he’s running, not too smart, huh?

GRAMMER: I really do not know. I am not in on the inside of the campaign thinking. I suppose it’s got something to do with profile and reaching an audience, but Howard Stern is sort of the self-appointed contemporary trash mouth of our time. I am not sure he does anyone’s career any good.

BUCHANAN: Kelsey, you sound like you have a real interest in politics and the issues and you follow all these. What are the political shows that you watch with some regularity? Besides “Buchanan and Press.” (Laughter.) And “The McLaughlin Group.” (laughter)

GRAMMER: I watch you guys as though it’s a religion, yeah, I have watched “The McLaughlin Group.” I have watched “Hannity and Colmes.” And Joe Scarborough. And what’s the other one? “Hardball.” So I keep abreast of things.