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Judicial activism, pure and simple

In a 6-3 decision today, the Supreme Court ruled the Texas anti-sodomy law which outlaws homosexual acts to be unconstitutional.

WELL, THOSE conservatives who think we have a conservative court are whistling past the graveyard. This is judicial activism, pure and simple. Those six justices trashed a 17-year-old precedent for no reason other than personal prejudice.

As Justice Scalia said in the dissent read from the bench, the court has endorsed the homosexual rights agenda and taken sides in a cultural war that is turning us from a Christian country into a pagan and godless one. Let the record show that four of the justices who have established the right to sodomy were appointed by Republicans, two of them by Ronald Reagan.

Democrats are hailing this decision, while the Republicans, as usual, are headed for the tall grass.

And where, oh where, is our moral leader and guide, President George W. Bush?