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Let inspections run their course

Anti-war student editorial

War is a terrible, terrible thing. After listening to President Bush’s recent remarks, it seems that we need a reminder of this very simple fact.

PREEMPTIVE, UNILATERAL ATTACKS are not part of the American character, and now is not the time to disregard our allies who are voicing dissent. It is often our best friends who will tell us when we are wrong. America must listen.

Now is the time for our country to truly consider what it means to be the world’s only superpower. We know we have the military might to win a war against Saddam Hussein. But is it prudent for us to exercise this might under the present circumstances?

Unilateral action against Iraq will likely lead to greater risk of imminent danger for the U.S., considering anti-American sentiment is growing every day. Iraq is surrounded by 250,000 troops. Inspectors are inside the country, and Iraq’s weapons are being destroyed. Let the inspections run their course before throwing the U.S. into a war that will ultimately threaten our safety over the long term.

If Saddam Hussein poses an immediate threat to the U.S., it certainly does not seem to be as great a threat as the recent provocative moves by North Korea.

In pursuit of a safe and secure future for America, President Bush must develop a plan for long-term diplomacy in the Middle East. When it comes to war, the president should redirect his efforts toward preventing war in southeast Asia.