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Justin exposed Janet’s right breast during last night’s Superbowl Halftime show.  Timberlake claims it was a “wardrobe malfunction”—not staged.  So why then, was there a silver star on the .... you know.... portion of Janet’s breast?  Looking at the video (again and again and again) further throws into question the credibility of Timberlake’s mea culpa.  The boob event looks utterly staged; shrewdly- (or stupidly-) timed choreography. The boob event is not being taken lightly by many.  The heat is on, along with an FCC investigation into whether it really was an accident.

Now for more silliness: What was the thing that... sort of... covered the ... you know... portion of Janet’s right breast?  Michael Musto will try to explain.

And now for some speculation on the motivation: Right after the MTV Video Awards’ Madonna-Britney kiss, MTV cutaway to Timberlake’s shocked & jealous face; the Superbowl exposure was Justin’s revenge (also produced by MTV).

Oh and by the way, good game, huh?

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Now back to the... er... other news: Big contest tomorrow for the Democrats as 7 states go to the polls.  Kerry is strong in Arizona and Missouri, but the race is tight in Oklahoma (Clark and Kerry) and South Carolina (Edwards and Kerry).  Is tomorrow the “It” day or the “Not Quite” day for John Kerry?  A sweep by Kerry could be a virtual, if not actual, wrap-up of the contest for delegates. 

President Bush calls for a bi-partisan investigation into the intelligence community; Pakistan admits giving nuclear secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea; a look into the weekend flights canceled over security concerns.

Martha Stewart’s back in court today, with Rosie O’Donnell as guest.

ODDBALL! The Non-Stop Pontiac

KEEPING TABS: Alex Trebek’s Real-Life Jeopardy.

That’s how the Countdown is shaping up at this hour.

Finally, Version 2.0 has been revealed, but instead of data & bits it is flesh & blood.

A self-described engineering geek from Holland, Michigan, Jon Blake Cusack, convinced his wife Jamie into naming their son version 2.0 -- to be fair, the boy’s full name is Jon Blake Cusack 2.0 (instead of “Jr.” or “II”).  Nevertheless, it may be the first time 2.0 has been applied to a human.  Cusack (version 1.0) spent two months persuading his wife.  She said she had “picked out the theme of the baby’s room [and] decided to let Jon have this.”  As mentioned in their electronic birth announcement, Version 2.0 comes with additional features. Evolution is a marvelous thing.

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