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The Buzz

A quick look at some of the things people are talking about in Scarborough Country. From James Woods, Babs, to John Edwards.

A quick look at some of the things people are talking about in Scarborough Country.

Actor James Woods is going against the left coast’s grain. In a new interview with, the man who recently played Rudy Giuliani for a TV movie sticks up for President Bush and exposes the Hollywood elite. Woods, who is the son of a U.S. Army intelligence officer, says that he believes Bush is smart and thinks there are more important issues than weapons of mass destruction.

When asked about actions overseas, he said the following “When millions of people are suffering and millions are being murdered, do we as a nation have a moral obligation? A lot of my friends in Hollywood have actually said things like, let’s melt their hearts with hugs and love. It honestly doesn’t work. So I respect people’s sweetness for believing you can melt the heart of Osama bin Laden with a hug, but you can’t. The only solution to Osama bin Laden is a ‘blanking’ .88-millimeter shell through his forehead.”

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards may be worth as much as $30 million, but he’s still having a problem paying his tax bill. Washington, D.C., city records show that the North Carolina senator owes more than $11,000 in property taxes on his nearly $4 million Georgetown mansion. But when “The Washington Times” contacted his office regarding the four-month overdue bill, they claimed Edwards was unaware of the situation. Yes, I want that guy taking care of my budget.

Former Chicago bear “Iron” Mike Ditka has a new job as a pitch man to Viagra’s competitor, Levitra. Reuters reports that Ditka will receive $6 million a year to represent the impotency drug in television commercials aimed at helping men confront embarrassing health problems. Hey, how about the embarrassing problem of telling millions of Americans you’ve got, well, certain embarrassing problems?

And Babbling Babs is at it again. Yesterday, Barbra Streisand posted a new 1,600-word indictment of the Bush administration titled “The Lies Are Finally Catching Up.” And she did it on her personal Web site. In it, Babs harangues the Bush administration for what she says is its conspiracy to fool the nation and lay out what she feels are the facts. She wrapped up her case by saying “We know the Republicans will try to spin everything to their advantage, but the American people deserve the truth.” Well, spin this truth, Babs: 75 percent of Americans support the president’s war of liberation in Iraq. You should be so popular.