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Your passport to Scarborough Country, Wednesday, July 9, 2003.

Welcome to Scarborough Country with your host Joe Scarborough. If you want to hear today’s news without the liberal slant you get from most major media outlets, you’ve come to the right place. We expose the left in Washington, in Hollywood, and anywhere else they try to tell you and me how to think.

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The Real Deal

Joe’s really ticked off about the democrats who are jumping all over the White House’s admission that some of the British Intelligence on WMD was faulty. Let’s analyze this a little bit. It was BRITISH Intelligence that showed Saddam was getting uranium from Africa to build nuclear weapons. It wasn’t American intelligence. And this admission doesn’t mean President Bush lied to us. It only means that we’re finding out now that some of the intelligence was wrong. That happens all the time. And do you really think if the president HAD lied, he would tell us about the intelligence error. Probably not. We’re going to debate this tonight with our friend Jed Babbin from the National Review and Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

The View From Scarborough Country

We’re finally getting some help in keeping illegal immigrants out of the U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood has a new bill that would let police arrest illegals. Right now, if they come across illegal aliens they have to call the feds. Doesn’t make much sense. But Rep. Norwood’s proposal does. Instead of rolling out the red carpet for illegals like so many want to do, this bill will hopeful stem the tide of illegals coming across our borders. Rep. Charlie Norwood will join us tonight to debate Rep. Loretta Sanchez about his new bill.

There You Go Again

New York Times Op-ed writer Maureen Dowd is at it again. Male-bashing, as she does so well. Today she talks about the weak Y chromosome, the male chromosome and how it is being forced to change to survive. She writes with great glee about different female insect that eat their mates after their eggs are fertilized. Do we sense a little insect envy there? Imagine the outcry from the National Organization for Women if a male columnist had written about how inferior the X chromosome was, etc. Remember, Dowd wrote a column recently that made fun of men who follow their wives around the shopping mall. She said she wishes they would stay home, watch ESPN on their Barcaloungers and eat sub sandwiches. Again, if a man had written that women shouldn’t go to the sporting goods store with their husbands and instead should stay home watch Oprah and cook dinner, can you imagine the outrage? That guy would have been canned on the spot. We’ll debate the Dowd double standard tonight with radio talk show host and columnist Steve Malzberg.

In Other News...

You’ve heard about this 18 year old New Jersey kid who allegedly plotted a huge killing spree. Well, there are some who are not blaming him. No, they’re blaming his favorite movie “The Matrix.” It couldn’t possibly be this teenager’s fault. No way. Nobody is responsible for anything that they do anymore. It’s always someone else’s fault. We’re going to debate it tonight.

Hollywood Week - July 21-25

Scarborough Country takes Hollywood by storm. Think “Battle of the Network Stars.” Now forget that thought. It’s not going to be anything like that. We’ll talk to people like Director and Actor Rob Reiner, creator of one of Scarborough Country’s favorite movies, “This Is Spinal Tap.” Hollywood week is going to go to 11. We’re going to talk about liberal Hollywood activism, the sexualization of teenagers, sex and violence in the movies, as well as, the recall of California Governor Gray Davis, and how illegal immigration is ruining California. Be sure to tune in for Scarborough Country in Hollywood.

Here’s last night’s Real Deal on the former Chairman and CEO of Xerox who made a multi-million dollar settlement with the SEC over Xerox’s accounting fraud. He’s now heading up one of the nation’s largest charities. Click here to read more.

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