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Rave Reviews

  • “I watched your first episode for National Geographic phofiling the Chinese basketball player. Exellent work! I was a fan of yours from The View, but I always sensed that you had much more to offer than the light chat on that show. This looks like a good match.” —Shawn D., Valley Village, CA
  • “You have just raised the bar and achieved a new benchmark in television reporting! Sunday’s airing of Ultimate Explorer’s “From Yao to Mao” was truly one of the best styles of open-minded reporting (of substance) I have ever witnessed. It was fantastic. Lisa Ling’s style, grace and beauty is captivating - combine this with an interesting, honest, docu-story such as Yao Ming and the changing of China, and there you have it! This series is going to be BIG!” —T. Hammill, Wellington, FL
  • “What a terrific job, this gal really has a great gift of honesty! Even my husband stopped and watched the entire program, unheard of in this house. Looking forward to her future investigative reports. We love MSNBC.” —Phoebe F.
  • “This special was a wonderful and refreshing interview that showed honesty and sincerity and a wonderful look into Shanghai’s culture. Congratulations to MSNBC and Lisa Ling for a great show. She mentioned Nepal at the end. What is next?  I would love to be involved.” —Dave Lewis
  • “Just a note to tell you how excellent your first broadcast of Ultimate Explorer was with Lisa Ling. Ms. Ling gets to the heart of the issue with decisive reporting, belanced, well thought out with the right amount of information and humor. I hope to watch this program each week. Excellent first show!” —John Pettibone