The Kobe Bryant case: Separating fact from fiction

With the rumors, allegations, and gossip surrounding the Kobe case, Randy Wyrick of the “Vail Daily” joined Dan Abrams Thursday to separate fact from fiction.

True or untrue? A rumor pervasive on the Internet has been a little graphic. Kobe and his accuser had anal sex.

RANDY WYRICK, “VAIL DAILY”: Not true. First of all, couldn’t believe that I was having to write about anal sex that didn’t happen. Did not happen. My sources inside are solid as stone — this is not true.

True or untrue? The accuser was in Kobe’s room for two hours during a major ruckus that was sort of heard by many in the hotel.

WYRICK: Two hours is not true. Kobe Bryant and his entourage checked in about 10:10. The entire shift checked out at 11:10 on the night of June 30. There just wasn’t two hours available. It’s just not true. Twenty minutes, maybe less.

True or untrue? Someone heard a ruckus in the room.

WYRICK: No. There was nobody around his room in the first place. And so, no upheaval was reported and no ruckus was reported. That’s also just not true.

True or untrue? Accuser was sort of hysterical when she returned to the lobby.

WYRICK: No. She was in a state of shock. She was in a bit of a stupor, which experts tell us is not uncommon for people who’ve been through that kind of a trauma. EMTs will tell you that it’s the 1,000-yard stare, like you’re staring at something 1,000 yards off and at nothing in particular. No, no hysteria.

True or untrue? That the accuser had gotten a ride home from a co-worker and that her clothes were actually torn.

WYRICK: No. She managed to get herself home. Her clothes were not torn. They were not ripped. They were disheveled. You know it looked like she had been through something, but earlier reports made it sound like it was something out of a movie set or a movie script or something. That’s just not the case.

True or untrue? The alleged victim had previously accused a co-worker of sexual harassment.

WYRICK: Not true. I’d heard this one over and over and over. I occasionally did some radio interviews and I heard it from some people all the way out on the East and West Coasts. This has become sort of an intergalactic game of telephone. Not true. There was a sexual harassment charge made by another woman against a different hotel worker before all of this, but it wasn’t the victim or the alleged victim in this case. It wasn’t her.

True or untrue? Eagle County Sheriff Joseph Hoy is a friend of the accuser’s family.

WYRICK: No. He has never met them. They have no relationship at a personal level. Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy used to be a drug and alcohol resistance education officer for the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department. He counseled thousands and thousands of kids as they went through the Eagle County School District. This alleged victim was just another face in that giant crowd of kids. No relationship there at all.