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All the deals that are fit to print

Our site takes a quantum leap forward to provide you with one-stop shopping for all the specials and sales we’ve mentioned
/ Source: Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

It is with great pleasure that we remind you of a powerful new addition to the Budget Travel Web site: the “Deals File.” This feature will keep all the best savings and sales that have appeared on our site right at your fingertips for as long as those deals are being offered.

THE DEALS FILE is that new button on the right side of our homepage at We’ve been tinkering with this one for a few months, folks, trying to find some easy to use and economical way to provide our readers with quick access to all the deals, sales, specials, and promotions we’ve written about that are still valid and bookable.

We finally decided that, in addition to writing a full article that examines, test-drives, evaluates, and comparison shops each deal, we’d also whittle each sale down to the bare-bones facts—destination, price, availability, booking deadline, and a link to more info.

We took all these just-the-facts-ma’am summaries, arranged them all by category and continent, and voila: the Deals File


Click on that Deals File icon on the homepage (or click here for a shortcut), and you’ll be taken to a page bursting with precis of all the deals we’ve reported in our articles which are still valid—by which we mean the “book by” date hasn’t yet come up.

It’s all basic but to-the-point information. Here are two samples:

You pay: From $399 for airfare and six nights’ hotel
Book by: While supplies last
Travel window: Through May 31
For more info:Click here

DESTINATION: Airfares, across the US
You pay: From $78 roundtrip on Southwest
Book by: May 1
Travel window: Through Sept. 8
For more info:Click here

See? Easy. These deals are all filed into appropriate subsections of the Deals File’s main two categories:

By Geographic Region (North America, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean, Latin and South America, Australia and New Zealand, South Pacific, Africa and the Middle East)

By Category (Airfare, Lodging, Vacation Packages, Cruises, Other)

If the sale or deal mentioned in an article fits into more than one subcategory or section—and most do—it’ll be listed in both places, just to save you the trouble of figuring out where we might have stuck it. So the Paris deal above is listed both under “Europe” and under “Vacation Packages,” while the Airfares article goes both under “North America” and (naturally) under “Airfares.”

Once a deal’s book-by date comes around, the deal will be removed from the file.

Enjoy these deals. They’re the very best the travel industry has to offer and they’re brought to you from one of the few sources on the web that ain’t trying to sell you anything. We’re simply journalists, doing our jobs and searching out the finest offers for you, the consumer.

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