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Preparing for a cruise

Remedies for seasickness and more
/ Source: Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel

The necessary preparations for a cruise are almost wholly related to the question of whether you, the cruise passenger, are prone to sea-sickness; if you aren’t, then you need read no further. If you don’t know, then you’d be well advised to buy “Bonine” (now regarded as superior to “Dramamine”) and begin taking it no later than an hour before boarding the ship.

Various other remedies—especially, those “acupressure” bracelets for your wrist—are still regarded as untested and iffy by a great many. A more serious medication taken from a “patch” placed on the back of your neck, needs to be prescribed by a doctor. (Even for the rather mild but effective bonine, you might want to discuss the purchase with your doctor; as some people have allergies or other problems that might react poorly to almost any such medication.)

Apart from equipping yourself with various seasickness remedies, there’s really no other necessary step of preparation for a cruise, other than equipping yourself with the “proof of citizenship” or passport (as the case may be) for going ashore in various countries. See our discussion on. I’d suggest bringing along a few paperback books that you’ve been planning to read, and perhaps a guidebook to the major islands, ports or countries where you’ll be stopping. Packing instructions can be less stringent for a cruise than for a land-based trip, since your clothing will remain in only one place throughout the cruise—the closets and wardrobes of your cabin.

Thus, if you’re in the mood for a glamour vacation, you can bring more items of clothing than you would normally be advised to lug about from place to place in Europe, say. Err on the formal side; if you’re unsure as to whether people will be dressing for dinner on your particular cruiseship, bring a good outfit just in case. Check, too, with the cruiseline about dress practices. Enjoy!