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Quotes of the Day NEWSMAKER QUOTE OF THE DAYDemocratic Senator and Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman: “As President I know I can rebuild these relations with the rest of world, make us not just a super power but a super partner. People around the world would know they can trust us to work with them, listen to them and not only tell them what to do when we want them to do it.”SHOW QUOTE OF THE DAYImus talks to Democratic Senator and Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman about the FCC’s decision to revamp media ownership rules.Imus:“Could you allow us and our friends at Clear Channel to split up the country and own half of all the stations? We promise we won’t do any bad stuff.”Sen. Joe Lieberman:“I want to do, Don, whatever is good for you...What’s good for Don Imus is good for America.”You can get on our e-mailing list today by clicking right here: SUBSCRIBE(Or just read our online edition below.)

IMUS DAILY E-MAILMonday, September 29

Join us at 6am eastern for IMUS in the Morning on

MSNBC. We’ll have all the days news headlines every

fifteen minutes, including reports from NBC News

correspondents around the world.

Coming up Monday on Imus in the Morning:

President Bush and his administration will

spend the weekend trying to win support for

their plan to rebuild Iraq. The President is

meeting with Russian President Vladimir at

Camp David. Bush says he won’t press the

Russian leader directly for cash or troops

to help stabilize Iraq, but will try to

smooth over past differences with the

veto-holding member of the U.N. Security

Council. But how close is the U.S. to

actually getting other countries to pitch

in with the multi-billion project? Imus

and his guests will talk about that. Besides

the fiery debates on Iraq, the economy

and the campaigns that are sure to crop up,

Imus and the gang will also be going at it

over a more personal issue. The week of the

big fight has arrived. Sid and Bernie are

going toe-to-toe on October 2. The remaining

few days leading up to the event will be

full of rhetoric, training, threats, promises

and predictions. It is sure to be one of the

broadcast’s most, shall we say, “provocative”

weeks and something you won’t want to miss.

At 8:29am eastern, NBC Nightly News Anchor

Tom Brokaw will join Imus. Tom Brokaw

is possibly the most recognizable face

in broadcast journalism and one of the

most respected men in his field. He has

seen first hand what is happening in

Iraq, Afghanistan, on the campaign

trails and in the White House. Imus

will ask Tom to share insight that

you don’t see on other news

Required Reading

“One soldier from the 173rd Airborne

Brigade was killed and two others

were wounded during an ambush in

northern Iraq, the U.S. military

said Friday. The attack came hours

before mourners gathered in Baghdad

for the funeral of a U.S.-appointed

Iraqi leader assassinated by gunmen.”U.S. soldier killed in Kirkuk

“The United Nations said on Friday

its decision to pull out more

international staff from Iraq because of

security fears would not affect the

day-to-day running of its humanitarian

programs. Although its decision to reduce

staff is a setback to President Bush’s

efforts to expand the U.N.’s role in

Iraqi reconstruction in order to attract

more nations to contribute cash and troops,

Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed

some success in forging a consensus on

nation-building.”U.N.: Iraqi staff will continue

“The furious last-minute jockeying to

stop unsolicited telemarketing continued

Thursday, as both the House and Senate

quickly passed legislation designed to

allow a national Do Not Call Registry to

take effect Oct. 1. But for the second

time in three days, a federal judge

issued an order blocking implementation

of the list. The latest court ruling sides

with telemarketers’ claims of First

Amendment protection.”Do Not Call list gets blocked

“Word the military was beginning its

largest home leave program since the

Vietnam war stirred excitement

among families of troops serving in

Iraq.”U.S. troops returning as Vietnam-sized home leave program

“The probe into alleged spying by U.S.

troops assigned to a high-security camp

in Cuba that houses al-Qaeda and Taliban

prisoners now includes two new suspects,

Pentagon and FBI officials said Thursday.”Two new suspects emerge in Guantanamo Bay

“A magnitude 8 quake rocked Japan’s northern

island of Hokkaido early Friday, injuring

hundreds, cutting off electricity and water

to thousands, igniting a spectacular oil-tank

blaze and collapsing part of an airport roof.”Strong quake rocks northern

“Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, responding

to demands from France and others for a rapid

timetable for self-rule in Iraq, said yesterday

that the United States would set a deadline of

six months for Iraqi leaders working under the

American-led occupation to produce a new

constitution for their country.”Powell Gives Iraq 6 Months to Write New

“H. Carl McCall, the politician who vowed to

change an ossified New York Stock Exchange but

found himself defending the $139.5 million pay

of its chairman, resigned from the exchange’s

board yesterday.”Ex-Controller for New York Quits Big

“The Democratic presidential candidates

squabbled intensely over tax cuts, health

care and trade policy yesterday afternoon

at a debate in Manhattan, trading often

personal attacks. But the newest entrant to

the race, Gen. Wesley K. Clark, stood on the

sidelines and was largely ignored for much

of the first debate of his political career.”Some Sharp Exchanges in Democrats’

Imus Stuff

“With the New York Stock Exchange in turmoil

after a pay scandal forced the resignation

of Chairman Richard Grasso last week, rival,

electronic trading platforms are looking to

lure business away from the 211-year-old

institution. But experts say such a move

might not be in the best interests of investors.”Electronic markets take on

“The Boston Red Sox took a raucous ride into

the playoffs, slugging their way to the AL’s

last postseason berth and setting off a party

that hints - they hope - at bigger ones to come.” Red Sox clinch AL wild card

“That’s not quite right. With an 8-4 victory,

the surprising Marlins completed a sweep of

their crucial three-game series against

Philadelphia to clinch a tie for the NL

wild card and eliminate the Phillies.”Marlins clinch wild-card

“The NFL has fined the Denver Broncos

for wearing the wrong uniforms in a

game against San Diego, and it fined

wide receiver Rod Smith for accidentally

hitting an official, according to

published reports.”NFL reportedly fines Smith,

VOTE: Who will win NFL Week 4 games?

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