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Grand Teton N.P.
Grand Teton N.P.Harold Levin

June 12

We head back in time to celebrate this week’s top-rated image from our It’s A Snap travel photo contest. Harold Levin of Lincoln, Calif., went into his photo archives and dusted off this incredible sunrise shot from Grand Teton National Park.

Levin captured the image while on an RV trip about 10 years ago. Lincoln, located about 30 miles northeast of Sacramento, reaches triple-digit temperatures in July and August. “We try to get out of here during the summer,” he said.

The picturesque Mt. Moran in Wyoming is well known thanks to a famous photograph taken by Ansel Adams in the 1940s. It remains a hot spot among photographers today, presenting some challenges.

“Part of the problem is keeping other photographers out of your picture,” Levin said.

He began taking photos, primarily of landscapes, while on backpacking trips. The retired pharmacist considers himself to be a “serious hobbyist.” Levin said looking through his photos would help him through tough times on the job. “They would take me away from the store.”

Now, he packs his camera on his summer sojourns. He’ll be loading up the motor home and taking off for Alaska in July. His friends are looking forward to fishing in the Frontier State. “I don’t even like fishing,” Levin said.

You can bet he’ll have his camera with him, though, and hoping to make a great catch of his own.