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Quotes of the Day NEWSMAKER QUOTE OF THE DAYFormer Ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson talks to Imus about the CIA investigation at the White House and who he believes is behind the leak. “I think it’s important to understand that there are two uncontested facts in this matter. One is the sixteen words that got into the State of the Union Address and the second is the leak of my wife’s name. Neither of those we were partied to. My trip out to Niger was designed to insure that the government had all the facts when it made its decision. The leak of my wife, neither I nor my wife, nor anyone associated with us, or anyone associated with my name would have done that and that includes President George W. Bush who must be just as appalled as everybody else is about that.” SHOW QUOTE OF THE DAYSid talking about the boxing match between him and Bernie.“Bernie beat the hell out of me that day. That’s all it comes down to. But I will say this...when you step into the ring and you think you have all these grand schemes of how you are going to do this and that, as soon as you get punched in the face, it all goes right out the door!”You can get on our e-mailing list today by clicking right here: SUBSCRIBE(Or just read our online edition below.)


Californians are going to the polls, deciding the fate

of their Governor, Gray Davis. If all goes as planned,

we should know by the morning if Davis will remain in

office or if he will be replaced by one of his challengers.

We have correspondents at all the major campaign

headquarters and we’ll have LIVE reports throughout

the morning. Just a week ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger

seemed to be a shoo-in. But now, after a week of

fighting accusations of sexual misconduct, most

political experts say the election is too close to call.

Results are expected to come in very late. Tune in

tomorrow morning to find out if there is a winner,

what the victory means for California

and the rest of the nation.

Imus and his guests will look

at the recall from every angle.

6:29 am: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (possible)

7:29 am: Political Analyst Laura Ingraham

8:29 am: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

We’re also looking into speaking with

NBC’s Tim Russert and Newsweek’s

lead political writer Howard Fineman.

Don’t forget MSNBC will present continuing

LIVE coverage of the California recall vote

Tonight beginning at 7 p.m. ET with “Hardball

with Chris Matthews,” live in Los Angeles.

Coverage continues with “Countdown with

Keith Olbermann” from 8-9 p.m. ET.

Chris Matthews returns for all night coverage

of the vote at 9 p.m. ET, with live reports

from the leading candidates’ campaign

headquarters and will be joined by a panel

of expert political analysts including: former

Reagan speechwriter and MSNBC analyst

Peggy Noonan, Newsweek’s Howard Fineman,

MSNBC Senior Political Analyst Lawrence

O’Donnell and former Nixon speechwriter and

comedian Ben Stein. “Scarborough Country”

host Joe Scarborough takes over at 2 a.m. ET,

and will continue to bring viewers the latest vote

counts and poll data until 5 a.m. ET. At 5 a.m. ET

MSNBC’s “First Look” takes over followed by

“Imus in The Morning” from 6 - 9 a.m. ET.

Required Reading

“With recall decision day around

the corner and a weekend poll suggesting

a tightening race, California Gov. Gray

Davis was on the offensive Monday, while

chief challenger Arnold Schwarzenegger

continued to face questions about past

Feisty home stretch in recall race

“An explosion shook the offices of the

Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Tuesday and

gunfire could be heard in the area,

witnesses said. There were no reports

of casualties.”
Blast rocks Iraqi Foreign Ministry

“President Bush said on Monday that

the unauthorized disclosure of an

undercover C.I.A. officer’s identity

was a “very serious matter” and “a

criminal action” as the White House

announced that at least 500 of its

2,000 employees had responded to a

Justice Department demand for documents

as part of an investigation into the

source of the leak.”
Bush Toughens His Support of Investigation Into Leak

“Bob Graham, a political veteran whose

low-key style failed to gain traction

in the crowded Democratic presidential

race, said Monday night he was ending

his campaign. “I’m leaving because I

have made the judgment that I can not

be elected president of the United States,”

Graham said in announcing his exit from

the race.”
Graham ends bid for presidency

“President Bush is giving his national

security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, the

authority to manage postwar Iraq and the

rebuilding of Afghanistan.”
Rice will manage Iraq’s ‘new phase’

“Authorities are tightening security

before NBA star Kobe Bryant arrives in

Colorado for a preliminary hearing

Thursday that might not even take

Security tightens leading up to hearing

“Behind a seemingly calm facade, with

Damascus toothless to respond militarily

to the deepest Israeli air raid in Syria

in three decades, the Arab world was reeling

Monday from the idea that yet a third major

conflict could erupt in the Middle East.

Already, the region is traumatized by the

open wound that Israeli-Palestinian clashes

have become and by an American-occupied Iraq

teetering on the brink of bedlam.”
Arabs’ Fear: A New Crisis to Add to a Troubled List

“The name of a cooling company has been

inseparable from this frost-belt city since

the Depression, when city leaders scraped

together $250,000 and tax incentives to lure

the inventor of the air-conditioner,

Willis H. Carrier, and his business from Newark.

The deal worked, and the Carrier Corporation

became a mainstay of a community whose best-known

landmark is the Carrier Dome, the home arena for

the Syracuse University Orangemen.”
1,200 Layoffs Strike at an Industrial City’s Heart

“This year’s Nobel prize for medicine has

been awarded to two pioneers of magnetic

resonance imaging, a widely used procedure

to visualize the body’s tissues without

using radiation.The recipients are

Paul C. Lauterbur of the University of

Illinois and Sir Peter Mansfield of the

University of Nottingham in England.”
American and Briton Win Nobel for Using Chemists’ Test for M.R.I.’s

Imus Stuff

“In the annals of great New York

prizefights, last week’s bout between

Bernard (Berzerk) McGuirk and Sid

(the Hebrew Hammer) Rosenberg will

likely rank a cut or two below

Dempsey-Firpo and Ali-Frazier I, but

let’s give credit where it’s due: for

two middle-aged amateurs settling a

score in a health-club gym, they drew

a pretty professional crowd.”
And In This Corner

“Peyton Manning refused to give up.

With Indianapolis down three touchdowns

against the NFL’s stingiest defense

with four minutes left in regulation,

the Colts quarterback pulled off one

of the greatest comebacks in league

history Monday night.”
Colts rally, beat Bucs in overtime

“Drenched in champagne and relief,

several Red Sox players practically

floated back onto the field. They

basked in delirious cheers from a

rowdy band of Boston fans enjoying

a celebration they rarely get.”
Red Sox put the curse in reverse

“NFL career rushing leader Emmitt Smith

has a broken left shoulder blade and

will be sidelined indefinitely. The

injury occurred early in the second

quarter of Arizona’s 24-7 loss to Dallas

on Sunday in Smith’s first game against

the team he spent his first 13 seasons

with and led to three Super Bowl victories.”
Emmitt out with broken shoulder

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