Croc Country

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National Geographic Ultimate Explorer returns to Australia’s Koorana Crocodile Farm at the start of nesting season to collect the new eggs while avoiding the snapping jaws of ferociously protective mothers. Airs Oct. 18, Saturday, 8 p.m. ET

National Geographic Ultimate Explorer returns to the “land down under” to visit the Koorana Crocodile Farm in Queensland, Australia, for the nesting season, and the natives are growing restless. Every duty here is approached with caution when the job is raising crocodiles.

Farmer John Lever and his son Jason manage 3,000 crocs on their Koorana farm. About 60 of the crocs are pregnant, and the nesting season is about to begin full swing. Ultimate Explorer follows a new assistant in her first week during this testy time for the crocodiles.

Nature asks much of the crocodile. A pregnant female must aggressively battle for prime nesting territory, work diligently to build her nest and then display a careful touch when laying her fragile eggs. Few would imagine that such an enormous creature could exhibit delicacy in any form. But intrude on any of these protective mothers at your own risk!

The Levers collect the valuable eggs from the croc nests and place them in an incubator to increase their survival rate. It’s a process that is crucial to the success of the farm, but avoiding the snapping jaws of the mother crocs can be difficult.

Ultimate Explorer joins the Levers on these risky excursions into the lairs of mother crocodiles where timing is everything.