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Travel is truly ALL-inclusive

And our online, free Travel Encyclopedia has all kinds of getaways for all walks of life
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Remember that whole “people are like snowflakes, each one unique” speech you were fed a million times over in grade school? Well, it’s true. Each and every last one of us 6.3 billion humanoids has a certain je ne sais quoi (or usually more obvious) quality that makes us different—gender, sexual orientation, political slant, diet, age, disabilities—you name it! But we here at BT believe there’s no good reason that anything—and we mean anything—should keep you and your one-in-a-million self from the pleasures of travel; it’s nigh the only thing everyone can, and should, do.

InsertArt(2035158)OUR TRAVELERS with Unique Needs chapter has nearly 20 detailed articles devoted to celebrating that which makes you special when you happen to be on the road. But if you think that you or anyone else is simply a run-of-the-mill “Joe six (bags to) pack” vacationer to which none of these categories apply, think again. We guarantee you’ll fit into one of our categories.

Family travel

Those little ones are about as special as it gets—that’s why family vacation planning is so important. Where is it inexpensive to bring the brood? Any summer camps for the whole family? What activities are offered to keep the kids entertained so mommy and daddy can enjoy some “quality time” alone? All this and plenty of info on kiddie-centric (and boredom-free) resorts is on our family travel page.

Seniors and juniors

Age is certainly a factor when deciding how to travel. A starving student is going to need to find those French Youth Hostels when he embarks on that first European backpacking excursion, that’s why we have the youth traveler page. On the other end of the life cycle, senior citizens will be delighted to learn where they can exploit those 10-40 percent discounts at hotels, museums and theme parks. For all that information go to our senior discount page.

Persons with disabilities

The largest minority in America—54 million in number—are persons with disabilities. And since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act, the travel industry has (finally) been forced to recognize their needs, now offering everything from outdoor trips for the blind to cruises for the wheel-chaired. Odds are you, or someone you love, will benefit from our general disabilities or mobility impairments pages (among others), filled with numerous travel opportunities.


Travel, as we all know, is two parts location, one part food (or is it the other way around?). That’s why it’s helpful to know where all the hip vegetarian restaurants in, say, Soctland are if you just can’t bring yourself to eat haggis (either because you really, really love animals or because haggis really, really disgusts you!). Good thing we have the traveling for vegetarians page.

Religious retreats

For fans of the Old Testament, New Testament, Qur’an or whatever your holy handbook of choice should be, think of our religious retreats page as its epilogue. Looking for a Catholic getaway? Single Jewish vacations anyone? Hindu camps in the Northeast? Done. We have them all listed for your spiritual travel needs—because there’s no better way to thank God (whichever one you like) than to explore His finest planetary creation.

More, more, more

But our Unique Needs chapter is far from exhausted here. For tips on gay and lesbian travel, singles vacations, feminist getaways and whatever other niche advice would serve you, go ahead and CLICK HERE.

We dare you not to be different. (Unless you’re “clicking-impaired,” in which case, we’ll have to work something else out.)

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