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Meet the Press links — Sunday, June 21

The very latest on the crisis in Iran with NBC's Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel. Then, as growing nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea raise grave concerns, and President Obama faces on-going domestic challenges with the economy and health care reform, we are joined exclusively by two men who have spent much of their careers working on these key issues: Fmr. Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA) of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and Fmr. Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN), Fmr. Chairman of the State Department's International Security Advisory Board. Also, political analysis from our roundtable: NBC's Chuck Todd & Fortune Magazine's Nina Easton. Plus, another perspective on the situation in Iran from an important voice in the region: an exclusive conversation with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on President Obama's response & the threats to stability in the Mideast.

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Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel | Bio

Fmr. Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA), Co-Chairman & CEO, Nuclear Threat Initiative | Bio

Fmr. Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN), Fmr. Chair, State Dept.'s International Security Advisory Board; 2008 Republican Presidential Candidate | Bio

Nina Easton, Washington Bureau Chief, Fortune | Fortune Web site

Chuck Todd, Political Director, NBC News; Chief White House Correspondent, NBC News | Bio


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