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Mr. Elephont

This story goes out to all of the world!

                                   There once was a teether named Mr. Elephont. He was for a 7 month old baby named Rachel Marie. Mr. Elephont was given to her by Rachel's eldest sister, Alexandria, 4 months before.

                                     It was March of 2010, when Mr. Elephont, the teether, wanted to make a change. “ I think I will go outside today and ride on a squirrel!”

                                     After he told the other toys, they all snickered and laughed...        “ You'll never make it!," they sang in a harsh beat, " You're not really that fit!"  " `Cuz when you ride that thing... he'll make a KERPLUNK!" They all ended in an evil giggle.

                                    That afternoon while Rachel was taking a nap, Mr. Elephont snuck out of her arms and ran for the door. Right as he was in the doorway, a ginourmous toe, and 9 others, stopped him from sneaking. Small hairs tickeled his trunk. " Play dead! Play Dead!," his instinct screamed in the back of his head. So he slunkered down and acted lifeless. He was good at this because he was made to be a toy, but when the toy's owner giggles, they come a live! But there is an anti-optimistic side to it. When the baby screams the life drains out and he becomes his lifeless form.