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P. Diddy faces $25 million suit

From In a $25 million suit filed against P. Diddy, it alleges that the rap mogul was involved in the killing of Tupac Shakur.
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Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs has promptly responded to the recent, sensational charges levied against him from a former business partner in Bad Boy Entertainment and friend to his family. Combs and his counsel call a $25 million suit against him pure extortion.

“It's the newest con game in town - shake down and blackmail someone with a high profile. It’s so ridiculous, it’s crazy,” Combs told the New York Post. “This is the most crazy of all the stories I’ve heard. If I was involved in something like this, I would be somewhere else, behind bars.”

In the story, which broke last week, Kirk Burrowes implicated Combs in the murder of Tupac Shakur and the 1995 slaying of Suge Knight’s bodyguard in a $25 million suit. In a Manhattan federal court, Burrowes accused Combs of cheating him out of millions and threatening to beat him with a bat. Furthermore, he said his managerial relationship with Mary J. Blige was damaged from Combs interference.

In the legal documents, Burrowes said Bad Boy was designed “to gain power, recognition, fame and financial gain through acts and threats involving murder, mayhem and extortion via the enterprise.”

Combs, who is admittedly protective of his public image, said the charges are disruptive to everything he does.

'Sue for slander'
“A lie like this turns your whole life upside-down. And it really hurts,” he continued. ”[The charges get] in the newspapers, but when it gets thrown out [of court], you don’t see anything.”

“Well, we’re definitely going to sue for slander.”

Nevertheless and despite the hurt, the mogul said he was going to battle this latest case as he has other recent suits against him.

“I’m a fighter, and people are going to see the truth. I respect the law. But the point is that the law makes these con games legal.”

Ben Brafman, Combs’ lawyer concurred, “What I find most extraordinary about Sean is his ability to remain focused on his work and his charities despite these baseless lawsuits that could crush the ordinary person who does not possess his spirit and determination.”

Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur is a staff writer for