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E-mails we read on-air last week:

Kobe Bryant case

Regarding the Kobe case: why is it fair to put his name and life all over the news, but yet she gets to hide out? She deserves to have her name out there also, or they should not give either name until someone is found guilty. Even if he is found not guilty of rape, his life is ruined. So I say good for his attorney. -Mike, Verona, PA

I believe (Pamela Mackey) should be disbarred for using the victim’s name six times in the preliminary hearing. Is the judge on the case just sitting there like a wooden Indian? What will he do to Mackey for ignoring the Rape Shield Law? -Esther, Spring Hill, FL

If Kobe’s name was Willie Brown with an income of $10,000 per year, I wonder if she would have went to his room alone. It is all about money. Why did it take her until the next day to call the police? It appears that someone put some ideas into her head. -Otis, Humboldt, TN