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‘Closing Argument’: On the recall vote

Why many California voters really didn’t seem to care who became governor.
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We’ve heard again and again about the angry electorate. But many of them seem more humored than angered.

This has nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger being elected. Almost 10,000 voted for porn star Mary Carey. Her platform, to tax breast implants and “legalize ferrets.”

More than 12,500 used their voice to support former child actor Gary Coleman. He entered the race effectively on a dare and came in eighth place overall. Watermelon smashing comedian Gallagher got almost 5,000 votes. Most of the 135 candidates who coughed up the $3,500 got between 300 and 700 votes. You know, all their friends and family and family’s friends. But the triumphant of Coleman, Carey and Gallagher clearly had a constituency.

Not so for businessman Todd Richard Lewis. He came in last place with only 171 votes. Apart from that picture, maybe it’s because his name sounds like that of a serial killer.

The voters have spoken. Their voice is heard loud and clear, but with many of them, you have to ask, “What were you saying?”