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Listen to secret tapes in the Triano murder

Transcripts of the audio tapes above:

Discussing Pam's house
Ron: Uh…you know, because it is one thing to feel bad, as upset as you are, living in your million dollar house. It is another thing to feel the same way, um…
Pam: you are a hell of… (unintelligible)
Ron: …living in, living in…I’m talking about you. Its one thing to have emotional problems when you are living where you are, as opposed to some other living condition that um, has no freedom, you know, and um, uh, you know.
Pam: Ill tell you what if you feel like that, let me know, ‘cause Ill send a check out
Ron: Well um..
Pam: Ok? Just let me know ahead of time, before I get the… (unintelligible)
Ron; Well, I just…um.

Pam: 'I can't deal with this'
Ron: …different ways, including that letter, um, if…. Uh… you’ve, would’ve said something, or told somebody something that um, this has been my point, in that, and that was if you had, we should talk about it and figure out how to unwind whatever you did. Because, uh, uh…
Pam: I have not talked to anybody. I have not talked to a soul.
Ron: And nobody’s contacted you?
Pam: And nobody’s contacted me... no.
Ron: Okay
Pam: And you know, if I have to kill myself and go to the grave… (unintelligible)… but I am miserable.
Ron: Hello?
Pam: … and I can’t even move. Its just like I cant get…(unintelligible) I want to take my phone and just throw it. I want to change my number. I want to like, leave to, you know, I don’t know. But I can’t deal with this. I cant.
Ron: well its…
Pam: I’m not gonna. I just can’t. I’d rather die. Id literally rather die.
Ron: Than what?
Pam: Than sit here and deal with like, things like going to the bank, which is totally illegal, every single week…I am not going to do it.
Ron: What do you mean it’s illegal?
Pam: It’s illegal.
Ron: What’s illegal about it? Spending your money is illegal?
Pam: No, I am giving money to somebody, I am not spending it. I am giving money and I am not declaring it, and you are getting money and are you declaring it?
Ron: No, you get- you are completely confused on that.

Pam: 'This is like a nightmare'
Pam: …for you, you know, and that’s what you said. This is like a f*cking, like… this is like a nightmare.
Ron: yeah, but it is totally safe. The only nightmare is in your head.
Pam: Ok fine. I am trying to get rid of it, but it’s there.
Ron: Okay, well I have a nightmare too, so we need to deal with this. Anyway, just so you know, because I assume you-you know its, 248 is the number, just um, without any interest.
Pam: What?
Ron: Yeah, so, you know. Just ‘cause you…uh uh, its real simple to uh- to uh…
Pam: And then after the fact you add this interest business like...(unintelligible) you know?
Ron: No, not after the fact.
Pam: Yes after the fact, after the fact.
Ron: Well you should…
Pam: I mean was been honorable with you. I mean, I could have said no, everything is in the kid’s name. No, it’s all held in this, its all this. I could have done all kinds of things. I didn’t. I was straight with you. I was always straight with you.
Ron: Yeah well..
Pam: And right now I’m…
Ron: Till last march you were straight.
Pam: I have always been.
Ron: Yeah, and I haven’t?
Pam: And last March I haven’t not been.
Ron: I haven’t either. I have lived up to my word and you have not had any problems. I haven’t had any problems…
Pam: Well ill tell you what, if you don’t give me a break…
Ron: So… so… we should be all happy about that.
Pam: No.
Ron: Well I think you should, it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative…
Pam: He’s dead, and that’s a lot better.
Ron: …if something would’ve gone wrong…

Ron: 'I tried to help you'
Ron: And um, you know, and I also…tried to help you on something, it was, you know, what anybody else in the world would probably do, and uh, especially someone you can trust, and I think that deserves a, some consideration… since you are living off the benefits of it, you know?

Ron: 'Do you understand what I am saying?'
Ron: Do you understand what I am saying? Is if, I uh, ever found out that, that, uh, you compromised me for your benefit, that um, would be really unfortunate for you, because uh, there is just plenty of stuff that, uh I could dig, literally dig out the ground. And uh, you’re, you know, a fried duck. And um, understand that, because I am sure you would rather not be in that position to uh…
Pam: I am sure you would rather not be in that position as well, so anyway…
Ron: Well I know, but um…
Pam: …um, you know…
Ron: I just hope there is none of this silliness about somebody’s trying.

Ron: 'Confidential no matter what'
Ron: Whatever I know about you, or you about me, that-that will stay quite confidential no matter what, right?
Pam: Oh, always
Ron: Do I have reason to believe that I should be concerned that you have not lived up to that?
Pam: No.
Ron: ‘Cause you used to throw around the concept you told me originally with the police, a

year ago or a year and a half ago, about blackmail and stuff like that. You haven’t been sharing that concept with anybody I hope.
Pam: Ugh, ok what else?

Discussing phone calls
Ron: Just like the um, phone records, you know, which are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of calls from you to me, and me to you, um, going back 6 months prior to the event… (unintelligible)
Pam: Okay
Ron: You know, and uh, you certainly wouldn’t want me to be sending you that or, and you wouldn’t want me to be having it around where somebody could get it off me, would you?

Ron: 'I told you I'd protect you till the death'
Ron: I told you I’d protect you till the death, I’m willing to do that unless um, you flipped over. 
Pam: So what does that mean?
Ron: Exactly what it means.  Unless, if I, find out I’m being f***ed over, by you. Then, uh, it would be a law. So, if there’s anything that um, you’ve done to compromise our understanding, (unintelligible)… might be a good time to talk about it

Pam: 'Will you leave me alone?'
Ron: I am bothering you?
Pam: Right now, you are. I’ve got to go. I’ve got down kids at the pool.  I have to back for company at 4… (unintelligible).
Ron: You bothered me for some help some help with- uh, so that you could get rich so, um…
Pam:  Will you leave me alone? Goodbye.