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'Meet the Press' Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you or sending your questions and comments to MEET THE PRESS. We appreciate your feedback and hope you will continue to share your opinions with us. Unfortunately, we are not always able to respond to each viewer individually. Please find answers to some "Frequently Asked Questions."

QUESTION: What time does "Meet the Press" air on Sunday?
ANSWER: The time that your local station chooses to air "Meet the Press" varies. Most stations on the East Coast broadcast the program at 9am local time. New York City and Washington, DC, see the program at 10:30am. For other locations, please call your local NBC Affiliate or check the list of airtimes on our Web site:

QUESTION: Where can I find a transcript of MEET THE PRESS?
ANSWER: We post each show transcript on our website by 1 p.m. ET on Sunday. For transcripts of previous shows, click on the “Transcripts and Resources” link on our website:

QUESTION: Can I buy a DVD or tape of a MEET THE PRESS broadcast?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, we do not make available shows for purchase. If you would like to license MEET THE PRESS footage please contact NBC News Archives at 212-664-3797.

QUESTION: How can I find out which guests will be featured on this week's program?
ANSWER: Our guest list is posted on our Web site,, by Friday afternoon. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter — — which is sent out every Friday afternoon and includes our guest line-up and the topics we’ll be covering. Additionally, you can sign up for our text messaging service and receive that week’s guest list right on your cell phone. Just text MTP to 622639.

QUESTION: When will "Meet the Press" be rebroadcast?
ANSWER: Meet the Press re-airs Sundays at 2 p.m. ET and Mondays at 2 a.m. & 4 a.m. ET on MSNBC. You can also watch the program online. We post our netcast on our Web site,, every Sunday at 1pm ET. Or you can have the program automatically downloaded to your PC or portable media player by subscribing to out free video and audio podcasts. Sign up here:

QUESTION: What is your mailing address?
ANSWER: Our mailing address is: Meet the Press, NBC News, 4001 Nebraska Avenue, Washington, DC 20016.

Thanks again for your interest in MEET THE PRESS.