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Local Blogger Cries Foul Over Snub by Herald

A Miami blog believes its critical coverage of the Herald led to it being snubbed to a local blogger meeting
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As The Miami Herald proudly launched its new blog aggregator a week after meeting with a handful of local bloggers, one Miami blogger wondered why she was neglected.

Geniusofdespair, one of two of the bloggers who operate Eye on Miami, believes she was not invited to the meeting because she has been too harsh on the newspaper. She dedicated the following post to Herald Publisher Anders Glyllenhaal:

Is Eye on Miami too critical of the Miami Herald? Leaving us out would be like us leaving out Natacha Seijas in a list of County Commissioners. You might think we are prickly Mr. Glyllenhaal but, HELLO, we are here in Miami right under your nose.

It is true that Eye on Miami has been critical of the Herald. And it is even true that it has broken stories the Herald has missed.

But it also true the Herald invited other frequent critics, including Random Pixels, to its meeting last week.

Chances are, the Herald didn’t have enough room to accommodate every single blogger that has been critical of it.