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Hero and Dork of the week

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There’s always a lot of heroes and dorks in the news, but every week I’ll pick who I think are the biggest.

Hero of the week: These folks are supreme heroes. The men and women of the United States Supreme Court honored an appeals court ruling this week, upholding a California case that the federal government cannot, I repeat, cannot revoke the licenses of doctors who recommend medical marijuana to their patients.

You know, there are certain things the government has no business messing in. For example, what you do in your bedroom, religion, and your relationships with doctors and lawyers. Thanks to the Supreme Court for keeping the government out of the doctor-patient relationships.

Dork of the week: On Thursday, the Yankees beat the Red Sox to advance to the World Series. However, you wouldn’t have thought so by reading the “New York Post” editorial page in Friday morning’s edition. Apparently, someone made a major boo-boo. It reads, and I quote, “Looks like the curse of the Bambino boomeranged this year. Despite holding a 3-2 lead in games over the Red Sox, the Yankees couldn’t get job done at home. Their season ended last night in the seventh game of the American League Championship Series.”

Well, those of us who paid attention know the damn Yankees won. You have got to feel sorry for the guy who blew this one. And in fact, we talked to the guy’s boss at the “New York Post,” who told us that in spite of his mistake, he is not going to get fired. And I guess that’s good. I don’t know. I think I would have fired him. But too bad. When you’re asleep at the wheel, you have got to be a dork of the week.

Also, I wanted to name all the Minnesota state union employees the “dorks of the week this week,” because of the fact that two years ago, my administration offered them a contract with a pay raise and expanded benefits. They went out on strike. Now, this year the administration offers them a pay freeze and a cut in benefits, and they happily accept it.

Guess what? I learned something. From doing those old Miller beer commercials. “Less is more.” And so did the Minnesota state employees. Less is more.

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