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A message from Frank Luntz

Being a good citizen isn’t just about getting the news; it’s about speaking up about it, too. That’s what America’s Voices is all about. Click here to learn how ‘America’s Voices’ is not like other news shows.
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Being a good citizen isn't just about getting the news; it's about speaking up too. That's what America's Voices is all about.

Whether participating in our in-studio panels, voting online, or registering your views by e-mail, America's Voices is the place for to be heard.

Like other news shows, we are going to discuss the most relevant and compelling issues of the day. From tax cuts to education reform, from HMOs to energy blackouts, from the War on Terror to the political wars in Iowa, New Hampshire and across the nation, we'll talk about the issues and events that matter to you.

We'll also have noted newsmakers on the program who will have a chance to defend their positions and express their opinions. But here's the difference. On other shows, the talking heads just talk at you. On America's Voices, they are forced to talk with you.

By participating in our live panel, or weighing in at home, you will be able to grill, roast, and keep our guests in the hot seat. And our featured news items aren't going to be served up ready-made on a platter, either. You are going to rate, rank, and sound off about everything we discuss.

America's Voices is about making the nation's newsmakers accountable. In real time, you will watch them defend their positions before a panel of Americans eager for answers and unforgiving for dodges. Just like you. No punches are pulled and no politician gets a free pass- even and especially if they say something just plain outrageous.

So get involved. Weigh in on this week's poll. Send us an email. Sign up to be on the show.

Make your voice heard.