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‘Closing Argument’: On the Kobe hearing

Blurring the line in the Kobe Bryant case between what is significant and what is just salacious.
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Bryant’s attorneys had a good day in court today as they picked apart the alleged victim’s story, trying to prove she did not voice sufficient objections or that they were not clear enough.

If she did not, Bryant is not obligated to read her mind. She said she clearly said no. A jury will have to decide. But suggestions of multiple partners in a short period of time has nothing to do with the ultimate issues in the case. Bryant admits he had sex with her. So proving she had sex with other men is only relevant if it demonstrates her injuries came from someone other than Bryant.

And while the defense talked about semen and condoms, there was not one iota of evidence suggesting that a previous encounter led to her injuries. Kobe Bryant had her blood on his shirt. It sure seems like sex with him, consensual or not, was the cause of some of the injury. Today it became clear the defense will make a strong case for Bryant, as they should. He is maintaining his innocence. But, if the defense is right, that she didn’t adequately communicate the no, for example, that means Bryant should be acquitted because it was more a misunderstanding than rape. But they don’t have to slime the alleged victim while they’re at it.