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DPW Workers Care For Injured Duck

Ferndale workers have adopted a duck with an injured wing.
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Workers at the Ferndale Department of Public Works have adopted an injured duck.

The duck waddled into the DPW yard two weeks ago.

Shaun Slocum is the parks and forestry supervisor for the department. He said workers were surprised to find the duck in their yard.

"The found her hiding under these barricades in mud and muck. It's like her left wing, it just hangs differently than her right wing," Slocum said.

The workers have named the duck Sophie. They created a habitat for her in the DPW yard with her own small pool that has a ramp to allow her to climb into it. Sophie appears at home in new environment because the workers are there to take care of her.

"It's been pretty basic and simple. We come to check on her, give her some bread, give her some fresh water. Early in the morning before a lot of employees get in, she'll walk around. It's quiet enough to get her to eat out of your hand," Slocum said.

But the workers are concerned about her future. The reason is simple.

"She can't fly. We'd love to see her get better and fly away. Winter is coming. We don't really have a facility here to house a duck," Slocum said.

The Ferndale DPW workers are now looking for someone who can give Sophie a better home.