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Retirement Plan Under Scrutiny Again for Frederick City Employees

/ Source: WHAG-TV

FREDERICK, MD - A retirement plan for Frederick city employees caused a war of words earlier this year and was the topic of discussion again Wednesday.

At a work session, the mayor put the issue back on the agenda because he says he wants to make the board aware of the potential loophole in the retirement plan.

Currently if a person retires and is then re-employed, they can still qualify for another pension.

Earlier this year the mayor was accused of corruption after several city employees took early retirement and were then rehired.

This new proposal wouldn't apply to them though.

Mayor Jeff Holtzinger said, "If anything is passed it will be prospective only. It will not apply to people who've been rehired so that was based on advice from counsel."

If the city does decide to not offer future rehires a pension it could save about 14% in salary costs. Read more