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Lost Obama Tape Resurfaces in Documentary

Unseen 1993 Obama interview has young O talking about community organization, Moseley Braun's Senate race.
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Dial up the way back (political) machine.

A never-before-seen interview with Barack Obama from 1993 will be released to the public as part of a documentary about the President, according to the Sun Times.

The video is said to feature the young Obama talking about community organization, what he thought about politics, and how Carol Moseley Braun's Senate candidacy helped inspire him to action.

Obama Trailer

The footage will be shown as part of the upcoming Becoming Barack: Evolution of a Leader, a documentary which is described on its Web site as a film that "traces the early path of a man destined to make history and to be a catalyst for global change."

The doc will feature a large amount of early footage and photos of Obama, including a WMAQ NBC5 news report from 1986, which the Becoming Barack Web site lists as being the earliest video available featuring the 44th President.

Whether the footage will enlighten (like, say, the Beatles Anthology) or be forgettable (like, say, that random extra dance scene in The Return of the Jedi) remains to be seen.

Becoming Barack: Evolution of a Leader is set to debut on DVD on August 11.