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City Raises Water Rates 125%

Crandall residents are seeing red after opening their latest water bills. Many say the bills have doubled from last year.
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Crandall residents are seeing red after opening their latest water bills.

The city has raised rates twice since last October -- a total increase of 125% for water and sewer combined.

"The residents have every right to be angry, they have every right to be frustrated," said Crandall City Manager Health Kaplan. "However, they need to know that this is, unfortunately, what we need to do as a community to pull together to get money in the bank to get ready for future growth." Former City Councilman Victor Morales said he saw his bill jump to $460 and complains he's paying for water he didn't use.

"Even along with the pain of the increased cost, is the fact that you know you didn't use that type of water," he said.

Morales and others blame new water meters the city installed.

Larry Potter, the owner of the Crandall Cotton Gin Restaurant said the high water bills have hurt his business.

The restaurant's water bill topped more than $3,000 for July.

"My water bill has gone up $1,500 roughly a month," Potter noted.

He said he is also seeing fewer patrons.

"Our local traffic had diminished incredibly," he said. "Their disposable income is now being spent on their water and sewage. When you got a family of four that all of a sudden has a $330 water bill, well, there goes their disposable income."

The city council will meet next week to find a solution. Some members promise residents will get relief.