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It's a heat wave!

/ Source: WNYT-TV

ALBANY - After a damp start to the season, it finally feels like summer.

With the temperature climbing into the 90s for the third day in a row in the Capital Region, it's officially a heat wave.

They say hard work and sweat help build championship teams. Well, all you need to do is just stand outside for a while, let alone run around. You'll be dripping wet before you know it.

"It's just hot. Not everyday thing, getting up this early, playing in the heat. It's just hot," Albany High School football player Dreasean Lacy said.

It's only day two of preseason football camp for Dreasean and his teammates. Sure they're not in full pads, it's just helmets and shorts, but try telling that to these guys while they get put through the paces. They're doing anything to keep cool -- swigging bottles of water, gulping down the Gatorade, seeking shade and taking a number of breaks.

"When you get that helmet on, it's hot. It's hot regardless of the breeze or not. These kids are fighting through it. We tell them it's as hot here as it is at Schenectady or Shenendehowa," Albany High Football Coach Pete Porcelli said.

Others in Albany spent the hot day working on their tan or taking advantage of the temperature by taking a dip.

"I would prefer this type of weather, but not too hot. Warm, but not too hot," said Harriet Coatea of Albany.

Hanging out by the pool, Coates and Sarah Steckel spent the day slathering on the sunscreen.

But with the sun shinning bright, they weren't the only ones looking for a little protection. Out walking her route, postal carrier Amy Vyent whipped out the safari hat, noting that on these hot days it does the trick.

"It makes it a little hotter sometimes, but it keeps the sun out of my face and that's all I'm looking for," Vyent said.