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Virginia Lane Home Moved

It is finally moving day for a house that has sat vacant on Virginia Lane for about two years.
/ Source: KULR-TV

BILLINGS - It is finally moving day for a house that has sat vacant on Virginia Lane for about two years. City authorities said it was attracting transients and plenty of complaints from residents. It was quite a sight Wednesday afternoon as the two-story house was sitting in the middle of the intersection of Virginia Lane and Poly Drive. "In a couple hours it will be over with hopefully," said Jo Ann Ostermiller, Ostermiller House Moving. The house used to sit on Virginia, just a few blocks south of Poly. The property owner offered the home to a buyer at the cost of moving it. "It started two years ago when they sold the house and then they ran into some litigation and couldn't get it moved," said Cal Meyer, Billings Code Enforcement Officer. Things were finally moving Wednesday. Billings outfit Ostermiller House Moving is responsible for the haul. Their route was north on Virginia, east on Rimrock, then 27th Street to Highway 3 out to the house's new home in Acton. They hoped to complete the move in one day. "We've gotten through the worst of the trees and now these lights are the problem and the rest of the way it'll be a piece of cake," said Ostermiller. To say the house was an oversized load is an understatement; it is about 37 feet wide, 79 feet long and 27 feet high and about 60 tons. Crews kept a positive attitude as they moved traffic lights and phone lines to accommodate the house, and tree trimmers cleared overhanging branches. Onlookers just sat back and enjoyed the rare site. "We thought it was pretty crazy because there is just a house in the middle of the road," said one young girl. "I would never want to do this," said one man. "Isn't it amazing the amount of people they have out here to get this all done," said his wife. The total cost of relocating the house is about $70,000 dollars.