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Valet Parking To Face New Rules

Parking in Sacramento has become hard to find and more people are using valet services.
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Parking in Sacramento has become hard to find and more people are using valet services.

The city said you may be surprised what happens to your car after you hand over the keys.

Ten valet parking companies are now operating in Sacramento and in many cases the service is not much more expensive than parking lots.

A driver pulls up to the curb, hands over the keys and heads out for a night on the town.

As he does, a valet pulls away, rounds a corner and takes the driver's car, but where exactly?

"I have no idea," one driver said.

"I don't know that. That I've never really known," another driver said.

The city said in some cases instead of using garages or lots valets are parking cars on the street and tying up spaces that are supposed to be available for nearby homes and businesses.

"Well, it's unfair to the mom and pop business that don't have valet operations," said Linda Tucker, with the Sacramento City Transportation Department.

So now the city is working on a new valet parking ordinance that would set up a permitting system for valets and would also ban them from using on-street parking.

In some cases, the city said valets are using orange cones to reserve on-street parking spaces -- something they're not supposed to do.

"That does not happen with our company," said Aleem Noorani, with Newman Enterprises. "If I did see that, those employees would no longer be working for us."

The city said in that case, valet companies should have no problem complying with the new law and avoiding the $1,000 fine for each violation.

"This will allow our parking enforcement officers to get a handle on this type of activity," Tucker said.

The current proposal is still in draft form and so could still be changed between now and the time City Council gets a look at it in October.

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