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Mother of teen involved in deadly 2005 accident speaks out

/ Source: WHEC-TV

News 10NBC is learning new information about the case involving a former Greece Police Sergeant, accused of trying to cover up a crime.

Brian Ball was fired from the Greece Police Department on Friday. He's accused of lying on an official police report. It involved the death of a young woman, Stephanie Oliva, who was killed in a car crash almost four years ago. Her boyfriend, Chad Kenyon, was the driver but he was never charged and yet, the man investigating the fatal crash is now under arrest. It came as a big surprise to members of the Kenyon family.

Christine Kenyon spoke with News 10NBC this morning. She said she knew the internal investigators in Greece "red flagged" this accident a couple of weeks ago but she said our stories yesterday after the arrest of Brian Ball still brought up painful memories. Christine's son, Chad, was one of the drivers in this fatal accident about four years ago. The accident killed Chad's girlfriend, Stephanie Oliva.

Kenyon said her son was not drunk although she admits there was alcohol found in his car.

The accusation now is that Greece Police, and specifically former sergeant Brian Ball, covered up the crash. Kenyon told us her family doesn't have any connections to the Greece Police Department and she can't understand why Ball would do that kind of favor for her son and family.

Kenyon said, "The cover up part is, why would he cover up for our family or for Chad when we don't know Sergeant Ball? We don't know Chief Rahn. We don't know anybody there. All I know of them is what I've heard on the news."

News 10NBC learned that Chad Kenyon did get arrested for DWI in June of 2008. He was also sued by the Oliva family and several other families involved in the accident. Those cases were settled out of court.

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