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Post Office Workers "Adopt" Marines

/ Source: WBRE

EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY - The US Postal Service recently released a Bob Hope stamp. Hope entertained military members for decades. In his honor, employees are doing their part to help the troops.

Soap, snacks and supplies all bring smiles to Marines. East Stroudsburg Postmaster Joe Vernoski said, "I just think it's absolutely incredible what the employees here in East Stroudsburg have done."

East Stroudsburg Post Office employees adopted two groups of Marines in Afghanistan. Vernoski said, "They're in the middle of the desert. They don't have the amenities that they had at home."

Employees like Carol Hutson and Sheri Smith have sent dozens of boxes. Hutson said, "It's a great feeling." In return the Marines email thank you letters and photos. Hutson described some pictures, "They are caked, literally caked, with sand. The only thing you can see is their beautiful teeth when they smile."

Vernoski added, "It's just terrible over there."

The pictures and stories inspire the staff to fill even more boxes. Hutson said, "It kinda broke my heart. I felt very sad about that. That their conditions are so extreme."

Anyone can send a box to US Troops even if they don't personally know any. "It just makes you feel much better," said Vernoski.

You can pick up a priority mail box for free at any post office. Normally they cost about $14 to send but if you're sending them to a military member they're just about $12.Vernoski said, "You just pick up a box, take it home, fill it and mail it."

The Marines look forward to the days those boxes parachute from the sky for mail call. Vernoski said, "They really need our help and the troops really enjoy getting these packages."

You can ship a box to a military member through any post office. You can adopt a soldier at .
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