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Patrol officers gear up for start of school

Fargo Police will double their patrols�tomorrow through Friday. They'll be re-educating drivers�and enforcing traffic violations in school zones.
/ Source: KVLY-TV

Twenty-six thousand kids are heading back to school Wednesday morning in Fargo and police are reminding you to be safe on the roads while children are present. That means giving yourself more drive time in the morning because traffic patterns will be changing as kids head back to school. The City of Fargo, along with the school district and police, are encouraging positive pedestrian and driving habits.

Police will double their patrols tomorrow through Friday. They'll be re-educating drivers and enforcing traffic violations in school zones. Many construction projects are also still underway, so construction will add to the congestion. "My main concern is everyone's safety, in particular the kids," says Fargo Police Sergent Joe Anderson. "Commuters need to be re-educated -- they've had summer to not have kids in schools, not used to seeing little kids running around."

Speeding tickets start at $40 in 20-mile-per-hour school zones when yellow lights are flashing -- quadruple the usual fee. Going around a school bus is a $100 dollar fine.